CCSC is an active year round recreation and social club. Initially, most of the members were probably drawn to the club because of recreational activities – snow sports, water sports, camping or travel. They have remained because of the friendships made through shared experiences and social interaction.

CCSC offers members of all ability levels the opportunity to find recreational entertainment. If you’re new to water sports, our experienced and patient boat drivers will get you skiing or boarding in short order. Whether you’re a snow plower or expert, there is always someone to ride the chair with. With a myriad of social functions, there’s always time to get out and mingle.

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Message From the President – Board Positions

Written by CCSC March 25, 2015

It is that time again to begin taking nominations for CCSC Board positions. If you have enjoyed the great trips, parties & activities this club has offered then you should consider becoming part of the process that makes it all happen. Below is a brief description of the board positions. If you are interested in running or would like more information about a position please contact me at

The CCSC Board of Directors elections will be held April 24th at the Odyssey restaurant.

Aaron Algazy, President

Responsible for the overall direction of the club and coordination among all officers; presides at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the regular meetings of the membership at large.

Assists the President as directed and assumes the responsibilities and duties of the president when the president is unable to do so; responsible for the direction of the L.A. Council Representatives and heads up the management and planning of the Installation Banquet; serve as parliamentarian at all meetings of the Board of Directors and the membership.

Responsible for coordination of all social events, and for keeping and coordinating the official club calendar.


Responsible for coordination of all Non-Mammoth snow ski trips.

Responsible for weekend bus ski trips to Mammoth.

Plans races for various ski trips; coordinates with other clubs, ULLR League, and other leagues, Los Angeles Council, and Far West Ski Association (FWSA) to have CCSC participate in interclub and league races. Acts as spokesperson for other interclub, Los Angeles Council and FWSA competitions such as softball and volleyball.

Receives and deposits all moneys due to the club; keeps the financial records and checkbooks of the club; receives vouchers and makes appropriate payments; prepares monthly financial reports; prepares and submits all government-required tax forms; responsible for the direction of Membership Chairperson.

Records the minutes of all matters discussed and actions taken at both membership meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors and maintins the club Minutes Record.


Responsible for all promotion of the club including, but not limited to, ordering and selling of items with club logo.

Accepts and processes all membership applications; maintains accurate and current Membership Database and distributes current membership roster where needed; prepares membership forms; reports to Treasurer.

Three persons will represent CCSC at all L.A. Council meetings and will report on L.A. Council activities and plans to the members of CCSC at membersip meetings and by submitting reports. Report to Executive Vice President.

Maintains the club website – especially the Calendar of upcoming events, posting the Newsletter on the Website and linking to important information and events.

Handles the job of emailing an update of all club past and future activities and generally keeping the members informed of what’s going on.

CCSC Delta Trips – Summer 2015

Written by CCSC March 24, 2015

Come join us at the Delta! What’s the Delta and why should I go, you may be asking yourself. Well, it’s just about as much fun as you can have on water, that’s all! The Delta is a system of levees near Stockton, California which has great conditions for water sports. The resort of choice this year is Turner Cut Marina where we set up camp (literally), and we ride all day then eat, drink and be merry all night! We take turns sharing the chores (food prep and clean up). You can join us for a two or three day trip in June and September, and in July and August there is also a four-day option. But I don’t have a boat, you say. No worries! The club provides boats and drivers for the trip.   If that isn’t enough, our trip prices are LOWER this year than last and we are extending a 10% discount for New Members on their first trip with CCSC!

The trip pricing is as follows for 2/3/4 days: $160/$235/$295, for that price you get a campsite, shared use of the boats, breakfast, and happy hour/dinner during the trip. Just bring your camping gear, water sports equipment, and a good time attitude. And for those of you who don’t know how to waterski, wakeboard or Sky Ski, don’t fret! We have the most incredibly patient enthusiasts who LOVE to teach. Sign up early since we will be limiting our trips based on the number of approved boats (first come, first serve…money talks, so send in a deposit to secure a spot). If you wish to come out and hang and don’t want to be on the club boats, or prefer to bring your own boat the trip prices are as follows: 2/3/4 days: $80/$120/$150. Membership is required. All prices are subject to change and there could be a small surcharge due to increased fuel costs.

Trip Days are as follows:

Turner Cut I: June 19-21 (3 day)

Turner Cut II: July 16-19 (4 day)

Turner Cut III: August 13-16 (4 day)

Turner Cut IV: September 11-13 (3 day)

You may arrive as early as noon the day before the start date of any trip, but no dinner or boating will be provided; camping only. Lunch is on you during the trips. There is a nice Café on the campground or bring your own. Don’t forget to include snacks if you desire. And, bring your own drinking water! Any questions or need some customizing to your stay, just call Sean McKee. Please refrain from texting, Morse code, smoke signals, two cans and a piece of string…. E-mail is fine.

Dog Fees (new):  Please note that all paid members who wish to bring their pup(s) will be responsible for the fees, which are discounted to the club at $4/day.  Please contact Sean to confirm the exact cost and arrange for payment.

Send your check payable to “CCSC” to:

Sean McKee
21221 Anza Ave
Torrance, CA 90503
Ph: 310-316-8707 (no texts!!!)
Email –

Board Announces 10% Discount for New Members on their first Mammoth or Delta Trip

Written by CCSC March 10, 2015

In order to encourage new membership the Board of the Century City Ski Club has enacted a new policy that New Members on their first trip only  get a 10% discount off the Check price or the Paypal price on their first Mammoth Trip or Delta Trip.

The new Member must become a member and pay the membership fee prior to or at the same time as signing up for the trip. Currently the annual membership fee is $30.

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